Welcome to Kingsport Christian Academy

A unique educational opportunity for home-schooled children is available in Kingsport, Tennessee. Kingsport Christian Academy (KCA), hires Christian educators to teach individual subjects several days a week. Parents then homeschool on alternate days.

One of the most substantial benefits of KCA is its flexibility. A child may take a single class in which his parents feel inadequate as a teacher (i.e. Advanced Physics). Or, he may take multiple classes. Each year KCA offers more classes and as children get older this will allow for a gradual transition toward independence.

KCA is a wonderful resource for parents who are trying to teach multiple grade levels simultaneously. Furthermore, the high quality of education provided by KCA assists many parents in homeschooling through the upper grades.

Tri-Cities Baptist Church graciously donates use of their classrooms for Kingsport Christian Academy.  Without their assistance, KCA would not be able to offer classes at such an attractive tuition rate.